How did Rabbit Calicivirus RHDV2 happen?
How the rabbit calicivirus RHDV2 strain was ‘accidentally’ released from a government lab in SA 1995.
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Read about our sad rabbit rescue of Neve with the matted fur. Tiny Shear Magic battery clippers were used to de-mat her mats. Neve is a cashmere lop.
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The rare New Zealand Red Rabbit Breed in Australia and those we have rescued.
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Snuggle Coat for Biting Rabbits
How to stop a rabbit biting you. Learn the "Snuggle-Coat" rabbit handling technique.
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The Rabbit Sanctuary has made the Finals in the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2020
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Indoor Bunny Setups
See the bunny pen set ups of our foster carers
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Rabbit Nest Box
Learn how to make a rabbit nest box from household items.
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Hay for Rabbits

The essential and main diet for a rabbit is hay and fresh grass.

Hay Facts:

Hay must be fresh and top quality.

You will NOT get that in supermarkets. You rarely get that in pet shops. 

Oxbow hay is the best we have in Australia. It is packaged in bags and quality control checks are in place. If you...

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Grass or Greens
Grass is the new greens! Read a quick note on the benefits of feeding your pet rabbit grass and a natural diet.
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Pop Up Bunny Playpens

Fabric bunny rabbit cage Bunny rabbit playpens rabbit hutch rabbit playpens can be such a handy accessory for your pet rabbit. For example when travelling, the pop up playpen folds down flat and can be placed in the floor of the boot and your luggage stacked on top. If you have a large enough car yo...

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Bunny Castles

Why we make Bunny Castles!  

Rabbits need lots of exercise and places to sit, hide, relax and explore. The Bunny Castles provide this and more. They have turrets and we put an insert into one of them so that the bunny can make his way up and sit on top. They have a ramp which hides a lower cave ...

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Our PETstock Vets
Thanking our PetStock Vets for helping us rescue rabbits
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Rabbit Breeds in Australia
Australia does not have all known rabbit breeds due to laws prohibiting the importation of rabbits.  Since importation was stopped some breeds have become rare or died out while other newer rabbit breeds were never imported such as the Lion Head.  The import of live animals into Australia ...
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