We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome rabbits that have been 
abandoned, neglected and mistreated.

We receive surrender applications EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Who surrenders them?

  • Individuals who have rescued rabbits that have been abandoned or mistreated, but cannot keep them
  • Rabbit owners who encounter unforeseen circumstances (e.g. need to move and cannot take their rabbit(s) with them)
  • Vets, shelters or pounds

Here is what we do:


We review every application, evaluate the circumstances, and prioritise the most urgent cases.


We check our list of foster carers and find one who can provide a temporary home for the rescue rabbit. 

Prepare for adoption

All rescue rabbits get health-checked, vaccinated and desexed at one of our partner vets.


Rabbits that needs further treatment will be looked after by their foster carers until they have fully recovered.


When rabbits that are ready for adoption we advertise them through our website, social media and third-party directories.


When a rabbit gets adopted, we arrange for the foster carer and adopter to meet, or we ask a volunteer bunny runner to bring the rabbit to its new home.

Of course, there is a lot more we do to keep our rescue operation running. But for now, let's leave it at that ;-) 

Here are some real time statistics:

All figures (except website visits and social media followers) come straight from our system and are updated automatically in real time.

Rabbits we rehomed in the last 6 months:

Please help us rescue more rabbits!

Have a look at the rabbits shown below. These are just SOME of the rabbits that have been surrendered recently. We will not be able to save all of them. Why not? For two reasons:

  • We don't have enough foster carers
  • We don't have enough funds (the donation for adopting a rabbit does not cover the rabbit's vet bill).

How can you help?

If you love rabbits, and can provide a safe space in your home, please apply as foster carer. You will make a difference! Chances are you will save one of the bunnies below.

Please consider sponsoring a bunny. Your donation will make a difference! 100% of your donation goes to the rabbits, and your donation over $2 is tax deductible.

If you have some time you can spare and ideas on how you can contribute to our cause, please apply as a volunteer - we would love to hear from you!

Rabbits surrendered in the last few days - without your help we can only save some of them!