"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"

Community & Education

Communities are the lifeblood of creating change in our world & the children are our future.  We want to educate & make a lasting change!

In today's hustle & bustle of life, it would seem there is little time left in the day to make a difference & happiness is often elusive.  Here at The Rabbit Sanctuary, we think by working together we can achieve both!

By bringing the community together through education & awareness, we can create a social shift by building lasting connections & a real sense of belonging.

And the happiness part...that comes from sharing your time with irresistibly cute bunnies & enriching their lives!

Animals can provide a sense of calm & comfort.  Developing a bond with an animals can help to develop a better sense of self-worth & trust, stabilise emotions & improve communication, self-regulation & socialisation skills.

If you are part of a school, special education or community group that you feel would benefit a visit to The Rabbit Sanctuary, please call Kim on 0416 062 947.

We don't charge fees for incursions, however a donation is always greatly appreciated as this helps us to continue our community work & rescuing more bunnies! Please bring some fresh kale and carrots for the rescue rabbits so you can hand feed them.