Did you witness abandonment, neglect or cruelty?

If you find a rabbit that is being poorly treated, please contact your local RSPCA immediately. If they cannot assist you, please call us & we will guide you through what to do next. 

Did you find a stray rabbit?

  1. If it is sick or injured, take it straight to the vet. 
  2. If it is healthy, take it home and keep it safe in a bathroom. Follow the instructions below. Fill in the Surrender Form.

The basic setup   

1. Newspaper in a corner to use as toilet
2. Water bowl
3. Fresh cut grass
4. Box as hidey house 


Observe if the bunny is eating, drinking and pooing.


Don't feed fruits and vegetables (incl. salad and carrots).

If you expect that the rabbit might stay with you for a while and you don't mind spending some money, here is an alternative setup.

The 'premium' setup

1. Litter Tray

2. Bedding 

3. Hay 

4. Heavy water bowl

5. High quality pellets 

6. A nicer hidey house :-)


Hay: Lucerne Hay to start with, later Oaten Hay or Timothy Hay is fine. Don't buy straw.
Pellets: Vetafarm, Oxbow, Burgess. Don't buy anything colourful, with seeds, or marketed as suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Do you wish to surrender your own rabbit?

Sometimes life doesn't go to plan & you may have found yourself in the position that you need to surrender a rabbit.

Sadly, the Rabbit Sanctuary receives a very high number of abandon / surrender applications. We understand your situation would be incredibly upsetting, but we do implore you to exhaust all other options before deciding to part with your rabbit. Often there are other alternatives available & we will work with you to find the best possible solution for both you & your rabbit.

There is a one-off fee that will apply when you surrender your rabbit to us. This fee helps us to cover some of the costs that will arise whilst the rabbit is in our care such as veterinary treatment, food, shelter, re-homing etc.

Thank you so much for reaching out to us for help.