How to set up for a rabbit

Easy - just follow the steps below!

Equipment checklist

Before you can adopt a rabbit you need to set up everything to make sure your rabbit(s) will be happy, healthy and safe! You can get everything you need by purchasing this Starter Pack from Pethomes. If you would like to explore more buying options, please have a look at our brand new Shopping Guide. It will also explain what not to buy!

Recommended: 8 panels, 60-80 cm wide and 70+ cm high. Soft pens, cages and hutches are not appropriate. The playpen must be located indoors, ideally in the corner of a room.
Gives the bunny the opportunity to hide and play.
Gives the bunny the opportunity to play and stay occupied. 
Needs to provide enough space for a bunny to sit comfortable and turn around. Typically you will need one that is 50cm long. 
Litter consisting of paper pellets or compressed wood pellets (no clay, no crystal, no clumping). 
Good brands are e.g. Catmate, Ozpet and Proteq.

Recommended brands: Vetafarm, Oxbow, Burgess. No pellet mixes that are colourful, contain seeds, or are marketed as suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

1) Oaten hay
2) Grass hay: e.g. Timothy, orchard, botanical, rye, teff, pasture.
Best brand: Oxbow. Other good brands: Peters, Friendly Earth, King Alfalfa.
The water bowl should hold 400-500 ml and either be heavy / very stable so the rabbit cannot tip it over.
As for the food bowl: Any bowl or plate you have at home will do.
Any pet carrier will do as long as it can be securely locked and is big enough for a rabbit. Hard plastic carriers last longer than the soft fabric / foldable carriers as rabbits can chew them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know which bunny is right for me. Can you help me choose?

Definitely. In your adoption application we will ask you about your adoption preferences and living environment. If you would like advice on which of our rabbits would be a good match for you we are happy to provide that.

What happens once I get approved?
You will receive an email confirming you have been approved. Once you have made your pay-it-forward donation and made up your mind which rabbit you would like, please either get in contact with the volunteer who looked after your application, or send us an enquiry.
What reasons would you have to reject an application?

We will reject your application if

  • you live in a state where we don't have any rabbits (WA, SA, NT, TAS) or if you live in QLD and do not have a rabbit license.
  • you plan to let your rabbit live outdoors
  • you have one or more rabbits that are not desexed yet (in this case we would put your application on hold)
  • we see any other indication that the rabbit would not be safe in the environment you provide
Why do you only adopt to indoor homes?

If you keep rabbits outside you put them at risk of losing them to a virus (myxomatosis or calicivirus) or an animal attack. They are also susceptible to escaping or being stolen from backyards.

Why do you ask for $265+ for a rabbit?

All our rabbits are

  • health-checked
  • dental-checked
  • desexed (with ear tattoo)
  • microchipped
  • vaccinated 
  • treated for worms, fleas, mites

If you get all this done by a vet you end up with a $500 - $700 bill. With this in mind, what we are asking for is a bargain. We are not making a profit by asking for this donation - it just helps contribute to cover our vet costs.
What are the benefits of adopting from you?
  1. All our rabbits are health-checked, dental-checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for worms, fleas, mites.
  2. All our rabbits come with a lifetime return guarantee!
  3. We know our rabbits really well and can tell you all about their personality and behaviour. This also means we can tell you which rabbits are a good fit for you.
  4. We provide all the advice you need, including e.g. advice with bonding rabbits.
  5. By adopting a rabbit you make room for another rabbit to be rescued - so you are saving two animals, not just one!
  6. You become part of a community. Once you have adopted a rabbit we will invite you to join our Bunny Parents Facebook Group.
    Can I adopt a bunny that's located far away from me?

    Yes, you can. Our volunteers can organise a 'bunny run' to transport the bunny of your choice from the foster carer to your home.