Rabbit Boarding

Yes, we offer rabbit boarding at the Rabbit Sanctuary!

I want to board my rabbit(s) at
The Rabbit Sanctuary in Grafton

The Rabbit Sanctuary offers rabbit boarding with a wide variety of  options and services (see FAQ for details).

I want to board my rabbit(s)
with a Boarding Partner

If you are too far away from The Rabbit Sanctuary in Grafton we will connect you with selected rabbit boarding partners (see FAQ for details).

I want to become a Boarding Partner

If you offer rabbit boarding and are interested in partnering with The Rabbit Sanctuary please apply as Boarding Partner (see FAQ for details).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you receive my Boarding Enquiry?
If you wish to board your rabbit(s) at The Rabbit Sanctuary we will get back to you shortly to confirm availability.

If you wish to board your rabbit(s) at a boarding partner, we will share your enquiry with boarding partners in your area. If they have availability they will reach out to you with an offer. Please note that we cannot guarantee a response.
What does The Rabbit Sanctuary offer?

Daily Rabbit Boarding Prices (per bunny):

  • $15 deluxe cage with 2 shelves
  • $25 bunny playpen with bunny castle (as per photo above)
  • $35 in-house free range (no pen or cage)

  • 24/7 Rabbit Sanctuary vets on call
  • Premium pellets and hays
  • Rabbit expert for medications
  • Grooming included
  • Trim nails included
  • Behaviour modification and training as required
  • Rabbit bonding with a rescue rabbit of your choice if your bunny needs a friend
  • Safe bunny boarding indoors in air conditioned comfort
How do you select your Boarding Partners?
We will review each Boarding Partner application and evaluate what the applicant offers in terms of service offering, knowledge of rabbit care and safety as well as hygiene standards. While we take every care to select our boarding partners carefully, we will not be responsible for the boarding experience.
Why does The Rabbit Sanctuary want to partner with people who offer rabbit boarding?
We want to support bunny parents in finding places to board their bunnies. In doing so, we are hoping to create a win situation for everyone involved:
  1. Bunny Parents are connected to reliable boarding partners.
  2. Boarding partners receive enquiries through The Rabbit Sanctuary -so they will get clients without having to advertise.
  3. The Rabbit Sanctuary gets a small donation from The Boarding Parter for every successful referral.
What does The Rabbit Sanctuary expect from Boarding Partners?

We ask that 

  • you donate to the The Rabbit Sanctuary if you earned any income from successful referrals.
  • you add a link to The Rabbit Sanctuary on your website and our logo (download here), presenting yourself as Boarding Partner.