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All rabbits must be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and health-checked before they can get adopted. Some of them need "The works", and some of them only need just one or two things done. All vet costs are covered by The Rabbit Sanctuary.

The booking will be made by The Rabbit Sanctuary - when the booking request is sent to the vet you will receive the email in cc. The vet will call you to offer an appointment. If they don't call within 3 days please give them a call and tell them that you are a foster carer with The Rabbit Sanctuary and that you would like to make a booking as per the email. 

Please make it a priority to bring the rabbit to the vet at the agreed date and time - in some areas the vets are very busy and if you ask to reschedule on short notice it might take a while until you can get another appointment. 

If you need a "Bunny Runner" - someone to bring the rabbit to the vet and back to you, please let a Bunny Tracker know, post in your Foster Carer Facebook group or in our Bunny Runner Facebook Group

When you pick up the rabbit please ask for the vet certificate. The vet will either say that they email it directly to The Rabbit Sanctuary or they will give you a hard copy. If they give you a hard copy please take photos and either send them to a Bunny Tracker or upload it via our Foster Carer Portal enquiry form.

When your rabbit comes back from desexing it may be quiet and prefer to hide for a day or two. Please do the following:

  • Check if the rabbit is still eating, drinking, urinating and pooping.
  • Administer pain relief as per the vet's instructions.
  • Check the surgical site - it must be clean and not infected. 
  • Make sure the rabbit doesn't chew their surgical site open. If it does, you may need to make a soft collar as per this video.
  • Contact a Bunny Tracker if you have any concerns.