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Foster Carer Guide


When an adopter wishes to adopt our foster rabbit, a Bunny Tracker will give you a heads-up, so that you are prepared. When the adoption is official an email will be sent to the adopter, with instructions on how to get in touch with you. This email will include your mobile phone number and suburb (not address). You will receive the email in cc. It will be the adopters responsibility to contact you. Have a chat to discuss where and when to meet to hand over the foster rabbit. You may meet at your place or theirs, or in the middle. Alternatively the two of you may agree to request the support of a Bunny Runner. 

Happy End! 

P.S.: After your foster rabbit has found its new home, please let us know whether you 

  • are ready to take in the next foster rabbit
  • need a break
  • do not wish to foster anymore. 

Whatever you decide, we are grateful that you have helped a rabbit find a new home!