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I found a rabbit or know of a rabbit that is in need of rescue. Can I take it in as a rescue rabbit on behalf of The Rabbit Sanctuary?

No. While we would love to rescue every rabbit in need, there is a very long list of bunnies that are waiting to come into care. Accepting ad-hoc rabbits may mean that we cannot accept rabbits that have been on the waitlist for a long time or are in more urgent need of care. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this due to our limited capacity and funding.

If you have found a rabbit or know of a bunny which requires rescuing, please complete our surrender form so Kim can assess it and determine its priority. If you choose to take the rabbit into your care, please understand that it will be completely your responsibility and The Rabbit Sanctuary will not take responsibility for any treatment it may require.

Are rabbits allowed outside?
Rabbits are allowed outside for supervised play. If you have clean lawn that they can graze on then most rabbits would enjoy the treat! BEFORE you let your foster rabbit outside, make sure of the following:
1. You are not in a calicivirus or myxomatosis risk area
2. You have an appropriate play pen so they cannot escape, and mosquito protection in place.
3. Your foster bunny is up to date with its vaccination.

Please DO NOT house your rabbit outside or leave them outside unsupervised. 

I am having trouble purchasing food and hay for my foster rabbit. What can I do?
The Rabbit Sanctuary greatly appreciates foster carers supplying their own feed to their foster bunnies as it helps us contribute more fees towards bunny vet work, however we understand that everyone’s situation is different. We do not expect carers to supply feed and do not want anyone to feel financially burdened when fostering. If you need help sourcing or purchasing food for your rabbit, please reach out to your region’s Bunny Tracker or Kim for assistance or reimbursement. We advise that you reach out BEFORE purchasing the goods as is highly possible there may be supply within our care network already that can be shared with you. 

Can I introduce my foster bunny to my own rabbits?
No. Please DO NOT do this for the following reasons:

  1. We do not always know the history of a foster rabbit and it could put your rabbit at risk of getting something contagious due to close contact. 
  2. Bonding rabbits is a process and can result in horrific injuries if not done properly
  3. It’s traumatic for your foster to be bonded and then be separated from it’s new friend/mate when it gets adopted. If you plan to adopt your foster or are considering adoption, let the Bunny Tracker team know ASAP. Bonding your foster with your own bunny does not by default mean that you can adopt your foster bunny or have priority to do so if there are other applicants interested. 

I would like to adopt my foster rabbit, what should I do?
Fill out our adoption application form. You need to go through the same process as all other adopters. 

I have a question that is not answered in these FAQs. What should I do?
We also have FAQs on this webpage and plenty of information in our Foster Carer Portal. If you don't find the answer you are looking for you have plenty of options: 
  1. Send us your question via our Foster Carer enquiry form.
  2. Post your question in our Foster Carer Facebook group.
  3. Ask our question in the Foster Carer Facebook Messenger chat for your region. If you haven't been invited to join any of our chat groups, please let us know