Our Story

The Rabbit Sanctuary is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation where time never runs out for rabbits. Our goal is to raise the cultural value of the pet rabbit to be seen as a companion house pet.  Our wish is for humans & animals to live together in harmony.

Nestled in 25 acres of bushland in Northern NSW (15 mins from Grafton), the sanctuary is the only one of its kind & is a calming & healing place for all that visit.

Where it all began?

The Rabbit Sanctuary was founded in 2008 by Kim Cooney & her late husband, Jim. They became aware of the problems facing abandoned rabbits due to Queensland's strict prohibition laws.

Teaming up with the RSCPA & AWL in QLD, Kim entered into an agreement that would see her take in rescue rabbits from both organisations. She then partnered with RSPCA NSW which led to heavy rabbit rescue in Northern NSW, across Sydney and all along the East Coast. Kim then spread the volunteer network to enable her to rescue rabbits in need in Melbourne and Canberra. 

Why do rabbits need rescuing?

Rabbits are misunderstood creatures & because of this are subjected to many things that most other animals are not:

-   Government released viruses
-   Scientific animal testing
-   Fur farming for clothing & toys
-   Human food
-   Hunting & bait for other animals

Why do we do what we do?

Rabbits are one of the top 3 abandoned pets.  

In many industries, they can be subjected to terrible conditions that prevent them from receiving life's most simplest needs.  

Most will never experience fresh air or sunshine & can be deprived of socialisation, food & water.

The Rabbit Sanctuary aims to raise the cultural value of the rabbit in the hope that it will stop the poor treatment of them due to being seen as a cheap disposable animal with no value.

Through education & awareness, hopefully in time this will ensure they will be treated with the love, respect & kindness they deserve.