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Now it's time to welcome your foster bunny into your home. How exciting! Keep in mind though this is very stressful for the bunny - it will need time to settle in and get used to you and the new surroundings. There are a couple of things you should do in the first 7-10 days:

  • Keep the rabbit in the play pen, do not let it free roam. It needs to recognise the play pen as its territory. 
  • If you have other rabbits: Keep your foster rabbit away from them as it may pass on illnesses. This means: Don't let them use the same water bowls, litter trays, etc... 
  • If you have dogs: Do not leave them unsupervised near the bunny at any time. Dogs can react differently to a new bunny in their home and can attack or scare them to death.
  • Monitor the rabbit's health from day 1 as per the instructions in the chapter 'Rabbit Care'.
  • Provide litter training if required. Rabbits naturally like to do their business in the same spot, which makes litter training quite easy. Your foster rabbit will most likely be litter trained, but just in case it isn't, do this:
    • Place the litter tray in the corner of the play pen, so that the rabbit can poop and pee while having a good view of the room. Otherwise they feel uncomfortable and might choose a different spot.
    • If your rabbit doesn't use it's litter box properly, put all the poo into the litter tray, and wipe up the urine with a paper towel and put it into the litter tray.
    • If your rabbit consistently uses another spot to do it's business, relocate the litter tray that spot.