How did Rabbit Calicivirus RHDV2 happen?

12.02.21 11:50 AM By KIm Cooney

Rabbit Calicivirus RHDV2 Accidentally Released in SA 1995

Pet rabbit owners wonder over and over again how the terrible RHDV2 rabbit calicivirus was introduced into Australia. It is a different strain to the first one that the government brought into our country to eradicate the wild rabbits. Pet rabbits can be vaccinated against the original calicivirus but the government released RHDV2 before a vaccine could be developed to protect people’s precious pet bunnies. 

We heard rumours that RHDV2 rabbit calicivirus was ‘accidentally’ released from a government lab. This is referred to in the New Scientist magazine Issue 1995. 

New Scientist Magazine issue 2002, published 4 November 1995
Article mentioning accidental release of the RHDV2 rabbit Calicivirus that is rampant now in Australia and killing so many pet rabbits.