Snuggle Coat for Biting Rabbits

KIm Cooney
22.11.20 03:53 PM Comment(s)

How to stop your rabbit biting you

The Rabbit Snuggle Coat Technique will stop your bunny from biting you. The soft, snuggly thick feel makes bunny snuggle in and if he bites it is just the Snuggle Coat, not you! No more bleeding fingers, hands, arms or legs. Wrap yourself up in a thick, soft, dressing gown. This will be your "Snuggle Coat". Hold your bunny gently and let him snuggle into the soft folds. Stroke him gently over and over on his head and upper back. This will help to calm him down. Remember! A scared bunny is a biting bunny. 

Watch our short video demonstration of the "Snuggle Coat" in action with a very bitey bunny...

Watch the Demo...