Are Hares Legal in NSW?

19.07.22 03:59 PM By KIm Cooney

NSW Legislation Rabbits Hares

Is it legal to keep a hare or rabbit in NSW?

It is quite legal to keep a hare or rabbit in New South Wales according to the current government legislation. They are not prohibited. In the legislation they are referred to by their scientific names: 
Lepuseuropaeus - European hare - European hare
Oryctolagusfuniculus - European rabbit - European rabbit

Keeping rabbits and hares in NSW

Here is some information relating to keeping rabbits and hares in simple form based on NSW government legislation. This information is taken from     

Last update: 19 July 2022

Rabbits and Hares are grouped with many other non-indigenous animals in the legislation including horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs,  donkeys, llamas, alpacas and house mice.

Rabbits and Hares are categorised as Division 2 Animals which the prohibition legislation doesn’t apply to. In other words they are not prohibited. They are classified as non-indigenous animals to which the legislation of prohibition does not apply. 

Interestingly the Red fox / European red fox Vulpes vulpes still remains on this list as not prohibited.