Pop Up Bunny Playpens

02.09.20 05:52 PM By KIm Cooney

Fabric bunny rabbit cage Bunny rabbit playpens rabbit hutch rabbit playpens can be such a handy accessory for your pet rabbit. For example when travelling, the pop up playpen folds down flat and can be placed in the floor of the boot and your luggage stacked on top. If you have a large enough car you can put the seats down and the pop up playpen can be a spacious travel crate as well for your bunny.

Apart from being flat packable, the pop up fabric playpen has mesh panels all around and a zip up mesh roof top. The mesh allows air flow, keeping your bunny cool and taking advantage of your car air-conditioner if you have it erected in the car. 

Mozzie and Fly Proof

The pop up fabric playpen is fly and mosquito proof which means that it protects your bunny from flies and mozzies that carry the deadly rabbit diseases. This is vital when travelling as you can not know if the virus is prevalent in the areas that you are passing through or going to.

Pop up fabric rabbit enclosures come in various sizes and colours. They are available on Amazon and Ebay at quite low prices. 

Also useful for travelling are the fabric pet carriers which again come in various colours and sizes. Our own long term supplier is Pet Homes. They have the fabric pet carriers in various sizes.