Christmas Rabbit Rescue Statistics

02.09.20 05:59 PM By KIm Cooney

      Christmas a time for rabbit rescue

The Rabbit Sanctuary rabbit rescue statistics for Christmas 2020 showing 119 rabbits surrendered, 51 rabbits rescued and 34 rabbits adopted.
Rabbit rescue statistics

Christmas is an exciting time and often a worrying time for people which can result in lifestyle changes and this can have an effect on pets in the home.  Sadly this can mean pet abandonment. The Rabbit Sanctuary saw a steep increase with 119 rabbits surrendered. Of these we rescued 51 in December and rehomed 34 of these rabbits. Due to injuries or illness related to neglect not all could be rehomed. Those rabbits remained in our care. Our vet bills are high because we have a no-kill policy. our vets work hard to treat our rescue rabbits.