Bunny Castles

25.08.20 07:04 PM By KIm Cooney

Why we make Bunny Castles!  

Rabbits need lots of exercise and places to sit, hide, relax and explore. The Bunny Castles provide this and more. They have turrets and we put an insert into one of them so that the bunny can make his way up and sit on top. They have a ramp which hides a lower cave like hideaway. 

When the rabbit first arrives in his or her new home, they feel scared. Everything is new and different, the sights, sounds, smells are all different as is the movement of the household and the routines. During the first week to ten days, the rabbit love to hide in the dark hidey hole under the ramp. As he or she begins to 'desensitise' to the environment, the bunny will emerge more often and explore the other parts of the Bunny Castle. 

The tunnel is a favourite spot for bunnies as it is like their natural tunnel or burrow which in their natural setting they dig into the earth. 

A Bunny Castle can be surrounded by a Bunny Playpen to create a playground, feed area and toilet.  

Bunny Parents can buy a Bunny Castle in our Rabbit Rescue Shop. People who foster our rescue rabbits or adopt a rabbit can purchase at half price. 

Currently we are working on a flat pack version so we can supply all states in Australia.