Am I ready to adopt?

Deciding to adopt a bunny is a fun & exciting journey, however it requires time, planning & research

Before you consider adopting a rabbit, we've got some things you may want to ask yourself.

Am I prepared to care for a rabbit for its whole life?

Rabbits can live 8-12 years approximately.  Whilst they are adorable, you will need to be in it for the long haul.

Can I afford a rabbit?

There are many costs involved with owning a rabbit.  Aside from the initial set up costs, you will need to be prepared for bi-annual vet care, food, bedding, toys & boarding for the life of your rabbit. You will also need to ensure you have money put aside for any emergency veterinary treatment required.

Do I have time to care for a rabbit?

Rabbits are not an animal you can leave in a small hutch with no interaction.  They require & deserve your love & attention.  Exercise, socialisation, grooming, feeding & play time are critical aspects of owning a rabbit.  As they are an indoor animal, you will need to be prepared for regular cleaning.

Do I live in a suitable accommodation for a rabbit?

If you rent, has your landlord given you written permission to have a rabbit?  Your home will need enough space for an ample sized indoor pen / enclosure. Your rabbit will also need free time out of its pen to ensure it gets through exercise.

Will a rabbit fit into my lifestyle?

Family, work, social life & travel are all factors that need to be carefully considered before adopting a rabbit.  Companion animals love human affection & will depend on you.  Your life must accommodate for them.

If you really want a rabbit but find time constraints may limit its human interaction, adopting 2 rabbits is ideal. You will just need to ensure you have enough space for the both of them. We offer a 'Bonding Program' where you can choose 2 rabbits, & we will bond them together prior to you picking them up so all of the hard work is done for you. 

Do I understand how to care for a rabbit?

Before you adopt a rabbit, it is essential you thoroughly research the basic requirements it will need for the duration of its life.  More than likely your rabbit has come from a sad situation so you need to make absolutely sure you can give it the best home possible.