What Does Rabbit Adoption Include?

04.06.21 09:36 AM By KIm Cooney

A list of included extras in your rabbit adoption package

Adoption information:

Adoption of a bunny from The Rabbit Sanctuary includes:

Bunnies are:

🐰house trained


🐰parasite treated

🐰vet health checked

🐰desexed & vaccinated

🐰 lifetime return guarantee

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🐰We recommend a diet of:

🌾2-3 hays

🌾Oxbow pellets

☘️hand cut grass

🍃fresh mint

You need an indoor set up for your new bunny:

Indoor playpen - 8 panels with gate 36” high or 77cm high

Large Litter Tray & Max’s Cat Litter

500 ml ceramic water bowl

Fabric pet tunnel

Hidey House

Hay bag (make one from a shopping bag. Cut hole in lower front)

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