We only adopt to indoor homes

We realise this might sound new, but we have very good reasons. Having an indoor bunny is magic. They make great companion house pets. They use a litter tray.

Myxomatosis & the RHDV2 virus strain can be fatal to rabbits & there is no vaccine available.

Rabbits are also a prey animal & are hunted by many animals.  They are also very susceptible to escaping & being stolen from backyards.

The purpose of the sanctuary is to rescue, re-habilitate & re-home rabbits, so to have them put outside at the risk of losing them to an extremely painful virus or animal attack would sadden us greatly.

The Rabbit Sanctuary difference

All our rabbits 

  • get a vet health check
  • get a dental health check
  • are desexed (with ear tattoo)
  • are microchipped
  • are vaccinated
  • are treated for worms, fleas, mites
  • come with a lifetime return guarantee